ITIL® Credits

In the ITIL® Credit System, every ITIL® series has been assigned a credit value based on its level of ITIL® content. The students can earn the ITIL® credits to qualify for the ITIL® expert level certification. ITIL® expert level certification requires the candidates to have a minimum of 22 ITIL® credits in order to qualify to appear for the certification exam. The ITIL® expert level certification is very beneficial for both professional and personal development and aides the candidates to advance their careers in the vast and diverse field of IT service management.

Accredited ITIL® training is provided by itSM Solutions, a Acquiros Accredited Training Organization. ITIL® is a registered trademark of the Axelos.

The students can earn the ITIL® credits by completing the official certification exams and register themselves as member on the Axelos website. A table mentioning the ITIL® credits earned against each certification is given below to be used as a reference by the aspiring candidates.

ITIL® Credits Chart

Series Title Prerequisite ITIL® Credits
ITIL® Foundation None 2
ITIL® Practitioner ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Strategy ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Design ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Transition ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Operation ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Continual Service Improvement ITIL® Foundation 3
ITIL® Operational Support & Analysis ITIL® Foundation 4
ITIL® Release, Control & Validation ITIL® Foundation 4
ITIL® Planning, Protection & Optimization ITIL® Foundation 4
ITIL® Service Offerings & Agreements ITIL® Foundation 4
ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle 17 ITIL® Credits 5

Certification Exam Information

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